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Station1 has an enormous opportunity to catalyze fundamental changes to science and technology-focused higher education through a new integrated and holistic model that is modernized, inclusive, equitable, rigorous and humanistic.

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There are a variety of ways you can get involved and make a difference including: philanthropic gifts, pro bono advising, volunteering, hosting an event, and participation in Station1 higher education projects.


Giving Opportunities

With a philanthropic gift to Station1, you will have significant, meaningful, and immediate impact by providing deserving students with access to authentic, experiential, project-based learning and a strong foundation for a meaningful and productive career and life. In addition, in the longer term, your gift will enable Station1 to catalyze lasting and important changes in higher education. Join us on this exciting journey and play a crucial role in transforming higher education by making a donation today! Philanthropists may choose to support a number of discrete areas as described below.

Development, Scale, and Impact

  • The Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF)

    • Station1 intends to grow the numbers of student participants in its summer education, research, and internship program in 2019, the Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF), formerly Summer@Station1. Station1 is fully committed to ensuring that the summer program remains a full fellowship, rather than charging any form of tuition to student participants. It is possible for philanthropists to support fellowships for one or a number of deserving students. Named and restricted fellowships are also possible.

  • Curriculum development

    • Further develop the Station1 shared curriculum on science, technology, and society through customization to specific STEM disciplines.

  • Digital learning initiatives

    • Enhance blended learning through the integration of digital and physical spaces to promote inquiry and research-based learning, collaboration and knowledge generation, community and global engagement, interdisciplinary perspective, student success, personal and professional advancement.

  • Evaluation and data analysis

    • Advance evaluation and data analysis methods for STEM education, including, for example, formulating new and/or improved survey instruments, direct learning assessment rubrics, longitudinal tracking methods, data dashboards, interactive data visualizations, etc.

  • Geographical expansion

    • Carry out research, design, and development of a geographical expansion plan for Station1 to other cities.

  • Advance socially-directed science and technology education and research in existing higher education institutions

    • Support Station1 in national and international engagement, information sharing through workshops, programs, partnerships, and consortia to advance socially-directed science and technology education and research.

Community Engagement and Collaboration

As a new educational institution, Station1 has an opportunity to forge new modes of embeddedness, engagement, and partnership with the local and regional community to foster inclusive innovation and economic growth, while simultaneously creating national and global impact (local-global strategy). There are opportunities to support the following areas and initiatives:

  • Local socially-directed STEM education and research projects

    • Support a researcher to spend one year or more at Station1 to develop socially-directed research projects and curricula of local and regional relevance (i.e. civic data, smart infrastructure, water technologies, public health equity, environmental issues, inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship, etc.). This researcher would also supervise two Station1 Fellow interns on their project, and share their expertise in the Station1 Frontiers Fellowship Program.

  • Benchmarking "sister cities" in proximity to scientific and technological innovation ecosystems

    • Support a researcher to benchmark post-industrial "sister" cities in proximity to scientific and technological innovation ecosystems nationally and globally.

  • Convening events and collaborative activities and programs with local organizations, schools and colleges

    • Support Station1 collaborations with local K12 schools, community colleges, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

Furthering Systemic Change in Higher Education

  • New sustainable postsecondary business models

    • Station1 is actively pursuing multiple pathways to earned revenue sources and long term financial sustainability, as well as developing a fundamentally new postsecondary financial model. The goal of these activities is expansion of access and equity through full coverage of student tuition and living expenses.

  • Preparation for degree-granting authority

    • Carry out long-term strategic planning, research and development in preparation for an application for degree-granting authority. In the long term Station1 intends to seek degree-granting authority and add degree programs to its’ expanding portfolio of programs. These efforts will build on the current activities delivering shorter-term immersive programs (such as Station1 Frontiers Fellowship program), which are supplemental to degree programs at existing institutions, and continue to be extremely valuable and in great demand.

To request the full Station1 Case Statement or for assistance with other ways to support Station1 (i.e. wire transfers, gifts of stock or securities, or special philanthropic opportunities), please contact


Partner With Us 

Is your company, startup, organization, or research laboratory interested in sponsoring or hosting Station1 Frontiers Fellow summer internships? Join a growing list of top industry leaders in the Boston region partnering with Station1 on cutting-edge science and technology research projects.  

Station1 also seeks colleagues and institutions in higher education, as well as foundations, interested in collaborating with us on higher education projects in areas such as postsecondary finance, socially-directed science and technology, inclusion and equity.

Station1 aims to build a geographically distributed network of sites. If your city, country, or organization has an interest in sponsoring and developing a local Station1 site, please contact us. For philanthropists or industry leaders looking to have a long-term, significant impact in building the Station1 network, opportunities exist to sponsor and develop additional Station1 sites, both within the U.S. and globally. 

We invite interested partners across academia, philanthropy, industry, and the public sector to contact us at to discuss these and other exciting partnership and sponsorship opportunities.


Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with Station1 as a volunteer on a pro bono basis on a specific project? Potential areas of focus include finance, business model development, communications, community engagement, graphic design, and curriculum. If you would like to contribute your time please fill out our Volunteer Form and send to

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We stand at a critical moment in time, a time of enormous opportunities to dramatically improve access and quality of higher education. It is incumbent upon us to continually strive to do better for our students: to make learning a transformative adventure, more affordable, more effective, more inspiring, more creative, and more humanistic. While change is difficult, what we choose to do now will impact the lives of future generations and the course of humanity itself.
— Christine Ortiz, Founder of Station1

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