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Station1 is an exciting, start-up nonprofit education institution that is building a foundation for the university of the future through a new educational model based on inclusion and equity, learning through frontier project-based inquiry and research, and the integration of science and technology with societal perspective, responsibility, and impact. Station1:

  • Creates and implements transformative education, research, and internship programs that bring together a diverse cohort of students, across race, gender, socioeconomic background, region, and life experiences, to provide opportunities that fosters academic success, meaningful careers, and lifelong learning in our changing world;

  • Carries out specialized higher education and research projects, for example, in the areas of curriculum development, educator professional advancement, postsecondary finance, community-based and inclusive innovation; and

  • Collaborates with partners across academia, industry, and the public sector to catalyze and foster access and advancement of socially-directed science and technology education and research.

The world is changing – education must also change. Societies everywhere are undergoing deep transformation, and this calls for new forms of education to foster the competencies that societies and economies need, today and tomorrow.
— "Rethinking Education," UNESCO 2015