Station1 Research and Development Internship Host Partners


Station1 gratefully acknowledges the commitment of our partners to socially-directed STEM education and research.


Encompassing leading edge science and technologies for space, agriculture, civic advancement, health and precision medicine, advanced manufacturing, digital automation, artificial intelligence, and rural infrastructure, Station1 has an amazing set of partners each of which have committed to hosting multiple students as a key component of Station1 programs. Students will work in teams with some of the top scientists and engineers in the country and the world during internships on authentic, socially-directed research and development projects, thus gaining both deep, foundational frontier knowledge, as well as invaluable career experience. Read more about the benefits of partnership here and apply to be a partner below.


(2018) Accion Systems is pioneering scalable electric propulsion technology that will completely transform what spacecraft can do in and beyond Earth's orbit. Accions Systems in based in Boston, Massachusetts.


(2018, 2019) AdaViv is creating an artificial intelligence-enabled adaptive environment for optimally operating indoor agriculture with  technology that delivers unprecedented precision and quantitative insights for indoor cultivators to inspect 24/7, save energy and costs, and achieve higher yields and quality. Adaviv is a winner of MIT DesignX competition in the 2018 cohort and is based at Greentown Labs in Somerville, Massachusetts.


(2018, 2019) Altaeros’ mission is to deliver the next generation of infrastructure to rural and isolated communities around the world by combining proven technology with flight control innovations that enable cost effective autonomous deployment of tethered airborne platforms. Altaeros is a proud founding company of Greentown Labs in Somerville, Massachusetts, the largest clean-tech incubator in North America.


(2019) Aphios, which means "virus-free" in Greek, is leading the way in developing green, enabling biotechnology and nanotechnology drug delivery platforms and enhanced therapeutic products for health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of certain cancers, infectious diseases and Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease. Aphios is based in Woburn, Massachusetts.


(2018) Commense is pioneering a deep understanding of the microbiome early in life and its fundamental role in promoting a lifetime of health. Drawing insights from natural exposures to beneficial microbes, Commense is developing approaches to guide the priming, seeding, and maintaining of the microbiome in infants and children. Commense is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


(2019) Continuus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a spin-out company from a multi-year collaboration between MIT and Novartis on Continuous Manufacturing. Continuus Pharmaceuticals specialize in end-to-end Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), with the application of novel process technologies that enable rapid production of pharmaceuticals at significantly reduced costs and better quality. With ICM, they aim to improve affordability and accessibility of pharmaceuticals on a global scale.


(2018) Emulate, Inc. is a biotechnology company that is enabling a new era of precision medicine and the development of applications for personalized health using Organs-on-Chips technology that offer researchers a new standard for predicting human response — with greater precision and control than today’s cell culture or animal-based experimental methods. Emulate is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


(2018, 2019) Gemline® is a multi-award winning company at the leading edge of advanced manufacturing, digital automation, industrial design, and innovation. Gemline® brings custom promotional products to a wide variety of industries: business, sports, fashion, education, travel, and more. With a full in-house design team, a global supply chain and customer base, Gemline® brings cutting-edge and relevant trends to the market, from ideation through delivery. Gemline® is headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts.


Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Data-Smart City Solutions


(2018, 2019) Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Data-Smart City Solutions  is working to catalyze adoption of data projects on the local government level by serving as a central resource for cities interested in this emerging field. Their research focus is the intersection of government and data, ranging from open data and predictive analytics to civic engagement technology. The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


(2019) Hodlpal is rebuilding the trust in our online interactions - a trust that is based on credibility, not just popularity. Hodlpal believes this credibility should be crowd-sourced, by and for the people. Hodlpal is building a new social network that will help control attention, find credible people, and engage in healthier, more productive conversations. Hodlpal wants to empower people with a trustworthy space to share passions, explore diverse perspectives, and amplify humanity's brilliance. Hodlpal will enable focused discussions on a broad range of topics, and we are starting with one topic in particular: cryptocurrency.


(2019) Kernal  Biologics, Inc., based at Lab Central, a first-of-its-kind biotech innovation hub located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kernal Biologics is an award-winning startup founded by four young scientists to develop cancer cell-specific immunotherapy. The vision is to develop curative immunotherapies for cancers with high unmet medical need by using deep learning and synthetic biology. With difficult-to-treat cancers increasing, current available treatments offer significant health side effects as well as high costs to patients, and Kernal aims to mitigate both problems with their unique methods of codon-engineering and smart design, using a proprietary platform to decrease immunogenicity upon existing mRNA technologies and enable cell-specific therapeutic protein expression, allowing the design and development of more efficacious, tolerable, and affordable medicine for the global market.


(2018, 2019) Organ Manufacturing Group is a biotechnology company with a mission of manufacturing of an unlimited supply of transplantable organs before the end of the decade for the over one hundred thousand people on the organ transplant list who need them. The Organ Manufacturing Group is based in Manchester, New Hampshire. 


(2019) Superpedestrian is a leading transportation robotics company that develops core technologies for micro-mobility. Megacities worldwide are facing an epidemic of congestion and pollution caused by rapid urbanization that is increasing gridlock and putting severe pressure on public transportation systems. Superpedestrian invested 3.5 years in research and development to produce its Vehicle Intelligence Technology, setting a new standard in electric drive systems. Superpedestrian is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


(2018) Vor Biopharma is pioneering novel targeted cell therapies for cancer using the CAR-T therapy approach which works by modifying the body’s own immune cells (T-cells) so that they recognize and kill cancer cells by targeting markers (antigens) on the cells’ surface. Vor Biopharma is based in Boston, Massachusetts.